The Legend Of Siberian Dice

There was a hunter. He went hunting. He was always good at it.

He went deep into the forest when a terrible blizzard broke out. It was so strong that the hunter had to camp.

As the blizzard has stopped the hunter ran out of supplies. He could not make his way back home.

Then he petitioned God Of Hunt And Luck with the prayer: "I used up all my arrows, I eat up my supplies, my traps are empty, and I need so many days to find my way back home. Help me make my way safe!"

God Of Hunt And Luck replied: "You are a good hunter, I am willing to help you, but I want to play dice with you, defeat me before I help you."

"But you have luck in your command! How can I win?" -- the hunter cried -- "I am not a fool. Give me another quest."

"We can play any other game of your choice... As long as there are dice rolled. Or it could be a hunting quest of my choice." -- the god said.

"Give me your hunting quest, then" -- the hunter replied.

"Catch me Smart Fox, he told me nobody can catch him." -- said God Of Hunt And Luck.

"You will not give me other options." -- the hunter replied -- "I will catch him."

He picked up his traps and went to the woods where Smart Fox live.

Smart Fox traced him down. He said: "I traced you down, Hunter. You failed your quest. I know what you are up to. You can not chase me down."

The hunter sat down and sighed: "I am a broken man now!"

"You do not have to catch me," -- said Smart Fox -- "play a game with him."

"What's the point of playing with him? It was a mockery of his to propose that to me." -- replied the hunter.

"So we will mock him back," -- said Smart Fox -- "I will teach you the Game that defeats the Luck itself."

And he taught the hunter the Game.

So hunter called back to God Of Hunt And Luck and asked: "Is your gaming proposal still open? I challenge you to the game of my choice."

"What game is it?" -- replied the god -- "Do you remember the dice rolling provision?"

"In the game we roll the dice every turn. Is it acceptable?" -- said the hunter and explained the rules.

"So be it the game" -- the god agreed.

He brought his dice. They played many games. The hunter was always the winner. No matter how many luck the god invoked. Presently he accepted his defeat. He gave the hunter some luck to find all his traps, and find them full, and find his way back home.

This is because the Fox's Game favors the Skill more than the Luck. The hunter had given no name for the Game, but he had given the game to his people. People call it "Siberian Dice" today.

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